New Technology TOUGH-TEC

New Technology TOUGH-TEC

« One of the most durable board constructions on the planet »



Over the past 35 years BIC Sport has earned a reputation for building durable, performance-minded watersports equipment at a great price. We’re always striving to make stronger, lighter and better boards for our customers.

After years of development and testing, we’re proud to announce the launch of TOUGH-TEC, a ground-breaking new boardsport construction technology exclusive to BIC Sport. TOUGH-TEC boards are a major step forward in durability while offering lighter weight and higher performance (compared to previous DURA-TEC technology).


tough tec technology by bic sport is strong  & lighter



While the materials are simple, the technology needed to properly build TOUGH-TEC boards is anything but. Under heat and pressure we fuse an incredibly durable polyethylene skin around a stringerless, precision-molded EPS foam core to reach a pinnacle in terms of durability to weight ratio. 100% Made in France with the highest quality standards and sustainable manufacturing techniques. TOUGH-TEC SUP and Windsurf boards offer unmatched product lifetime and excellent value for money.

Technology tough tec by bic sport

The Inner Core

We have developed high precision aluminum molds to manufacture premium quality EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) foam blanks with high strength to weight ratio and very good compression stability. Our blanks are also watertight, which means that water can’t get into it and damage the inner core. Being molded, each blank perfectly respects the initial shaper design, and the homogeneity of the foam density (20 g/L) is improved to add strength to the board.

outer shell by bic sport
thermoforming a sup with bic sport

The Outer Shell

Polyethylene is an extremely durable and versatile plastic material that BIC Sport has spent over 35 years mastering for watersports products. The raw material starts as micro balls which are melted and extruded into 3 mm impact resistant sheets. This becomes the shield of our boards:
Extremely strong outer shell for enhanced product lifetime and zero waste during the production process
Very low material impurity ratio for clean matt finish and pure color
Anti-UV treatment to prevent yellowing and material degradation
These sheets, together with our molded EPS foam cores, are key to offering one of the most durable constructions on the planet.


100% recyclable bic sup board tough tec technology

Thermoforming Know-How

Under heat and pressure, our high precision thermoforming machines fuse the two polyethylene sheets around our molded stringer less EPS foam core. External inserts (attachment points, fin boxes) are externally capture-molded for no penetrations through the outer shell.

Fusing the two sheets under heat and pressure along the rail guarantees one-piece unity and unmatched durability. Learn more >>


Made in france technology tough tec by bic sport

Built-In Rail Saver

Board rails are known as being one of the most vulnerable part of a board. That is why we leave an extra thickness of impact resistant polyethylene all along the rails.
The deck and hull polyethylene sheets are fused together during molding and a stronger extra thickness is created during this fuse.
The Rail Saver is rounded out by hand for a soft feel while absorbing impacts and protecting your rails longer. The Rail Saver can be sanded down as needed to maintain a smooth finish as the board ages.


stronger sup board by bic sport

100% Recyclable

Not only is TOUGH-TEC one of the strongest board construction on the planet, it is also one of the cleanest.
Indeed, every component (Outer shell, EPS foam blank, molded inserts) can be easily separated from each other and fully recycled. Old polyethylene can even be grinded down and made into new boards again.

Manufacturing clean products won’t mean anything without committing to clean processes, something we take seriously at BIC SPORT. See more >>


lighter board sup by bic sport

100% Made in France

TOUGH-TEC products are 100% made in France.
This is in our factory and head office in Vannes (Brittany, FRANCE) where our skilled workers and industrial facilities give birth to TOUGH-TEC products.
We take advantage of this unique day-to-day contact with production units and staff to ensure good working conditions for our workers and strict quality control on our products. It’s also located in a watersports mecca of Europe, which gives our product testers and designers easy access to excellent surf, SUP and windsurfing conditions.



We have decided to leave an extra thickness of impact resistant polyethylene all along the rails