The SUP Earth Biscayne 12'6

The SUP Earth Biscayne 12'6

Organised by the APCI since its inception in 1999, the Observeur du Design recognises the value of design in almost all areas of activity. Every year they identify products, services and other innovative concepts - whether they're commercialised or not - to which they accord their kitemark of the Observeur du Design.

At this 17th edition, 32 Etoiles were awarded from the 156 entrants in this year's competition. The products came from a huge variety of sectors, such as transport, telephonics, day-to-day objects, housing, urban street furniture, leisure.... The Etoile de l'Observeur du Design, decided by a totally independent jury of experts and professionals, is the reward for the most remarkable ideas and execution.

The SUP Earth Biscayne, along with all the other Etoile award winners, will be on display at the Cité des Sciences de la Villette until 13th March 2016.