Techno 293 OD: all 2019 events

Techno 293 OD: all 2019 events

The 2019 international calendar was finalized following a very successful year!
Everyone’s agreed, the 2018 season was a classic vintage! The 293 OD World Championships in Liepaja set the tone perfectly with some strong conditions to test the more than 300 riders on site. 2018 was also important for the class with the Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires, where the Techno PLUS showed its future potential, with 50 invited riders competing, based on their previous two years’ results. An opportunity for all the riders to get to grips with the “vitamin-boosted” version of the Techno 293 OD (8.5m2 sail and 50cm fin). The 293 OD European Championships at Varkiza in Greece closed the season with no less than 274 racers on the start line, extremely varied conditions, and a European Champion who confirmed his excellent talent and form with a gold medal at the Youth Olympics, Alexandros Kalpoginnakis is THE rider to watch in 2019. A true champion!    


In the 2019 international calendar there are some great new spots on the menu!

- The season gets under sail at Portimao in the Portuguese Algarve, with the Techno PLUS World Championships from the 21st to 27th April.  A new Atlantic spot with a growing reputation for its excellent wind conditions. Registration and information: go to thewebsite of the event  

- That’s followed by the Techno 293 OD European Championships. They’ll be happening in Michmoret, Israel, where lots of their top riders train, from the 15th to 22nd August. A great new location to check out. All information are available on the website of the event

- The season closes with the Techno 293 OD World Championships in the historic southern Spanish port of Cadiz, from the 26th October to 2nd November.


To help steer you through the season, the Techno class presents its brand new 2019 calendar, full of the very best 2018 shots from our in-house photographer and cameraman, Patrik Pollak. It’s got all the Techno 293 OD and Techno PLUS events for 2019 and you can download it below