T293+ World Championships: 31 countries on the start line

T293+ World Championships: 31 countries on the start line

The Techno+ World Championships, taking place from the 15th to 20th July in France at the French National Sailing and Water Sports Centre on the Atlantic coast, got underway in fine style this weekend, with the traditional parade of all the national teams, followed by the opening ceremony. The stunning spot, on the east side of the Quiberon peninsula, gives ideal wind and water conditions for this second stand-alone Techno+ World Championships, which is also a qualifying competition for the 2018 Youth Olympics in Buenos Aires.

For the first two racing days, the judges had to adapt their wishes to the wind, which blows from the east in the mornings, but is countered by rising westerly thermals sooner or later, depending on the air temperatures.
As a result, no racing on Sunday morning, but 2 races were run in the afternoon in 10 – 12 knots of westerly for both of the Youth Men fleets.

Same wind conditions on Monday morning, with 5 races being run by the middle of the afternoon. After two days of competition you can already see the best riders emerging from each of the two Youth Men fleets :
Blue Group : 1. Alexander Kalpogiannakis (GRE) 2. Eyal Zror (ISR) ; 3. Finn Hawkins (GBR)
Yellow Group : 1. Mateo Dussarps (FRA) ; 2. Fabien Pianazza (FRA) ; 3/ Leonidas Tsortanidis (GRE).

In the Youth Women contest, it’s hard not to be impressed by the domination of French rider Heloïse Macquaert, leading by a distance from the Italian Giorgia Speciale and Wing Mak from Hong Kong.

In the OPEN fleet, the result of the two rounds of Men-and-Women racing shows an unsurprising domination by the Japanese team, who have 18 of the 22 riders entered !

The wind’s blowing from the east again this Wednesday morning, more results to follow later today without a doubt !