Surfing Galicia

Surfing Galicia

Alex Levin

"The story behind the video is that I'm a commercial filmmaker living in Brooklyn, New York. I have a friend named Adrian living in Ferrol who I went to visit, I know him from college, he's Spanish and American, lived here growing up but moved back to be with his family in Ferrol. Galicia in general is particularly interesting for surfing because of the rías that break up the coastline. It not only makes for a beautiful landscape but also means that there are beaches and point breaks that face almost every direction. So, no matter where the wind is coming from or where the swell is you can generally find some good surfing conditions at any given point during the day. The surfing in this video specifically was filmed at a place called el Puerto de Miño. This is Spain's longest point break wave and possibly the longest in Europe. It extends over 2km and if you catch the right wave you can ride for several minutes at a time. So, we gathered some of his friends, went to shoot and this is the result."

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