Results for Carrot Cake Logo design Contest

Results for Carrot Cake Logo design Contest


After 2000 votes and long discussions within SUPERFROG teams to decide between the leaders, we are proud to announce the winner of this contest: Congratulations AXELLE BRISARD for the logo below:

carrot cake surf logo by bicsport

“The Carrot Cake” model is a lively, fun performance shortboard with the benefit of a fuller outline and slightly more volume throughout. A relaxed entry rocker and a wider nose curve get you in earlier, and get you going faster, while the performance bottom shape and rails offer control through explosive turns. The Carrot Cake glides over flat sections, builds and retains speed. Early entry and fine-tuned rail control also make the Carrot Cake great for tubes. The versatility of the 5 FCS-2 fin option will allow a true customized feel, tailored specifically to each surfer and the prevailing conditions.

chart spec of the carrot cake surf board by bic sport
carrot cake surf board by bicsport


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