Key week for Techno 293 OD an O’pen Skiff

Key week for Techno 293 OD an O’pen Skiff


Yesterday evening there was a very beautiful opening ceremony for the 2019 Techno 293OD World Championships, which is taking place this year near Cadiz, on the south west coast of Spain. The 369 young sailors from 36 different countries who paraded through the town streets showed once again the incredible vitality of this class ! That’s a new record number of entrants, beating the 2017 total set in Torbole, Italy, when the Techno Plus class (over 19 years old) was also included. Techno Plus now has its own competition circuit so they’re not here in Spain. Over 100 Techno 293OD boards and rigs have been sent to Cadiz by the manufacturers and made available to “charter” so that these young racers come from all over the world can have an equal contest without having to bring their own equipment. We’re looking forward to an excellent week’s racing, especially with plenty of sun and wind forecast !

The second big event of the end of the One Design season is the final round of the 2019 O’pen Skiff Euro Challenge, which is taking place in Mandelieu on the French Cote d’Azur from the 1st to 3rd of November. Over 100 young sailors will be racing on this popular Mediterranean spot. This too is a record number of entrants, this time for a Euro Challenge event, which is decided over three separate rounds each year. This final international event of the 2019 calendar will be welcoming plenty of French, German and Italian entrants as you might expect, but also good number of Polish and Hungarians, the two latest additions to the O’pen Skiff family. They’ve already shown their big interest and investment in this class at the 2019 European Championships in Travemunde, Germany, and they will be serious contenders that the “big” teams will need to be aware of.

You can follow both of these championships as they happen on their respective websites, with lots of photos, videos and regular news and results updates. Techno Worlds Cadiz :
Euro Challenge O’pen Skiff :
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