2018 OXBOW TEAM : racers, riders an watermen

2018 OXBOW TEAM : racers, riders an watermen

True to the spirit of the brand, the Oxbow team comprises a group of passionate young French ambassadors, high-level riders and watermen seeking new thrills and a lifestyle that keeps them in contact with the ocean. Their aim: to have fun discovering new spots and new sensations.


Ludovic & Jérémy Teulade

Oxbow sup team Teulade by BIC Sport

The inseparable Teulade brothers, Ludovic and Jeremy, are usually to be found somewhere in the leading bunch of racers at all the big national and international competitions, and if not there, then riding and exploring some of the most amazing spots on the planet on their trusty SUPs. Most recent SUP trips : Canary Islands and New York !

The Teulade boys continue their quest for the SUP Grail, with three major trips planned for this year:
February : A tour of Tahiti, the south Pacific paradise.
April : A carnival of canals in Venice, exploring the legendary city and its waterways.
Autumn : A third destination, to a winter-wonderland, is in preparation and will soon be revealed.

New York video

Ludovic Dulou

Oxbow sup team Ludovic Dulou by BIC Sport

Ludovic Dulou is part of that exclusive club of experienced watermen sharing a unique cultural mix of beach/coastal rescue and safety, love of the ocean, and pushing your personal limits to the extreme. Always challenging himself. What drives his passion ? Waves, BIG waves, extreme down-winds, tidal river bores.

On the immediate programme:
February : Tenerife Downwind (Canary Islands).
May : Tidal bore riding in India.

Mascaret video

Pierre Lopez

Oxbow sup team Pierre Lopez by BIC Sport


Pierre’s life is all about the ocean. Work, training, long voyages, personal encounters… A true all-round waterman, Pierre is a master of Prone paddleboard, stand up paddle, open sea swimming, surfing, (dug-out) canoe… An ocean life also spent saving lives : he’s recently become part of the Helicopter Rescue Team at Lacanau Ocean in south-west France.

A number of photo shoots of the young waterman are planned, for SUP and Prone.
They’ll be happening in France during the coming months.


Julie Dumoulin

Oxbow sup team Julie Dumoulin by BIC Sport


Julie has made her love of Yoga and Paddle into her job. Forever travelling to the four corners of the planet, forever exploring and progressing. These are core values of the OXBOW brand, and Julie is the creative muse for the development of Oxbow’s new collection of SUP Yoga boards.

Julie’s SUP Yoga video


Inès Blatge

Oxbow sup team Inès Blatge by BIC Sport


Inès was the surprise package at the 2017 French 12’6 Championships at Cap d’Agde, with her runner-up placing in the SUP Race contest. A huge result for her. And a huge prospect for the future.
The 17 year old clearly has all the qualities necessary to become a future National Champion !

More information on Total SUP


Agathe Rodier

Oxbow sup team Agathe Rodier by BIC Sport


Specialist subject : sport events organisation, and board sports. She spent her work-experience year following the competition circuit and taking care of competition business for the Oxbow riders. Now coached by a certain Ludovic Teulade, his enthusiasm has been infectious both on a technical level and for travelling, to the extent that she is already a serious contender for the 2018 14’ National Championships !