Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile

Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile

In total contrast to all modern means of transport, the Kwai, one of the last remaining sail-powered transport schooners. is the vital supplies link for the La Ligne island chain, lost in the vast empty expanse of the Pacific Ocean. It also carries passengers to and from the islands, continuing the essential service of assuring contact with the rest of the world.

So it's on the Kwai that serial wind and surf-hunters Carine Camboulives and Manu Bouvet, happily installed on Maui for over 20 years, set sail with their two small children. Destination : the island of Fanning and its famously serious water and waves. And they're crossing their fingers that the Kwai won't forget to come back and collect them when the time comes. Meanwhile, that leaves them plenty of time to get to know Bruno, yet another Frenchie who's chosen life on the other side of the planet, deep in the Pacific. Something of a latter-day Robinson Crusoe, Bruno has been on Fanning for 30 years ! In the tiny guest house where he greets the few visitors who ever make it out this far, Bruno is happy to welcome Manu and his growing family, sharing a lifestyle completely at odds with the modern world, and sharing his knowledge of one of the most exceptional aquatic playparks on the planet.


Fanning ou l’impossibilité d’une Ile (Fanning, the impossible island): selected for screening at the La Rochelle International Adventure Film Festival, and for the International Surf Film Festival in Anglet.