Dare to explore

Dare to explore


Paddling out to the peak in the early morning, walking through the woods in search of a new break, EARTH SURF is much more than just surfing.
It is a way of life, where exploration and adventure prevail on performance under the spotlight. It is bringing you back to the essence of free surfing.
Take this whole journey as an escape from the outside world, fun and relaxing, Deep into Nature.


Our new EARTH SURF range uses techniques and materials that are more respectful of the environment in which they are used:
Flax fiber : naturally sourced, it has a similar flex and tensile strength as fiberglass. It is also usually nicknamed “natural Kevlar” for its great durability and impact resistance. We use it on the rails and hull of all EARTH SURF boards.
Paulownia wood (visuel de l’arbre): Fast-growing, lightweight, warp resistant and strong, the entire deck features this beautiful and renewable wood.
Matt Varnish-Free finish: No varnish or paint is used for the graphics or finishing as these products tend to be toxic and hazardous to work with.
Woodcore fins: At a time when less and less brands include fins with their new boards, EARTH SURF has decided to provide a perfectly matching fin set with every product.

Technical schema of Earth Boards by BIC Sport
"Results are surprisingly light, beautiful and robust boards with a natural matt wooden finish.
Gérard Dabbadie, Shaper."