BIC Surf trip Tenerife

BIC Surf trip Tenerife

map of tenerife by BIC Sport

The BIC SURF Team had chosen Tenerife (Canary Islands) for the video shooting of 2016 BIC SURF and SUPERFROG product ranges. The Franco-Spanish team discovered the island, its beautiful landscapes and clear waves, guided by its locals from the Surf Club Tenerife. From surf spots in the middle of green mountains in the North to windy little harbors of the South, the Team never stopped moving and surfing to bring you back the very best of Tenerife in this trip video.



Tallet product surf manager by BIC Sport

Pierre-Henri TALLET, Surf Product Manager at BIC Sport since last year, tells us about the shooting of the brand new BIC SURF/SUPERFROG video in Tenerife (Canary Islands, February 2016), showcasing all the very latest new product.

So, how did your 2 weeks holiday/video shoot in Tenerife actually go ?
Brilliant. We were pretty lucky with the weather and conditions, we only lost two days when we couldn't shoot. We were able to shoot at lots of different spots : beaches, mountains, creeks... Basically, an intense couple of weeks ! And then there were the waves... there really is something of everything over there, from the little lefts for longboarding to the monster, massive rights. Our two cameramen, from the Santa Cruz Photolab, didn't get much down time !

Which of the BIC Surf riders were there for the shoot ? Did you get any of the local riders involved ?
We left France with our head BIC Sport and SUPERFROG shaper Gérard Dabbadie, Paul Duvignau (19 years old) who joined the team this year, and Amaia Billecoq (also 19). But we had a great support crew of locals too, Alex Prieto, owner of the Surf Club Tenerife de las Americas, along with his own team (Francesco Ragghianti et Mauricio Diaz), who helped a huge amount, taking us to all the best spots on the island. Big up to all 3 of them !

Not too difficult, making yourself understood in Spanish ?
Haha, « un pocito ». Mostly right at the beginning. But we all got used to each other very quickly, and of course "Spanglish" worked really well. Brought back memories of school !

And how did the "working" day pan out ? (laughs) Up at 11, barbeque, then an hour's surfing in the afternoon sun, that kind of thing ?
You're joking wiv' me, ain't you ? That's what i was expecting at the start but nothing of the kind in fact. Up at 6.30 with the sunrise and a big breakfast at the Surf Club Tenerife for all the riders, lots of good, filling pancakes cooked by Amaia. Check the weather forecasts, spots we're going to, a quick briefing for the day's activity... And then off for 2 or 3 big sessions every day at various spots. I can tell you, the riders worked their everythings off, and they deserved their ice-creams at the end of the day !

I've never been to Tenerife, describe it to me a bit. I imagine it's all white sand beaches fringed with palm trees and lovely warm water. Is that about it ?
Not exactly ! It's a very volcanic island and pretty much all the good surf spots are on sharp reefs with a few nice sea urchins lying in wait on the bottom ! Getting out wasn't always easy, but once out the waves were usually pretty good. And there's a massive difference in climate and countryside between the north and south of the island : you can be in the sun, no wind, on the south while they're having a full-on storm on the north. It's incredible ! As for the water, it can't be that warm, most of the time the riders were in 3/2 with bootees. On the other hand, it's crystal clear, great for the underwater shots.

Any of the local delicacies that particularly took your fancy ?
The « pollo al ajo » (serious garlic-chicken alert) at the little cafe/canteen that Francesco took us to. Fantastic and really cheap ! On the other hand, no-one will speak to you for 2 days afterwards !

A last word ?
Massive thanks to everyone on the team for this fantastic experience, and go check out the videos !

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