Ecoride Gold

Ecoride Gold

ecoride gold certification for the planet by bic sport

BIC Sport garde le label ECORIDE en 2016

BIC Sport is maintaining its effort and commitment to manufacturing its surf, windsurf and SUP boards using processes that respect the environment as far as possible. The company's permanent environmental quest has been recognized for the second year running with the award of an Ecoride gold medal, decided by a jury composed of experts from the fields of the environment and economics. The "GOLD" label certifies that our commitment is of the highest level in the following three areas : environmental management, eco-design and evaluation of our materials suppliers, and finally our social responsibility. Ecoride is a certification of the good intentions of Action Sports and Outdoor businesses, supporting and giving recognition to those businesses with a clear environmental policy and commitment. Largely created by the EuroSIMA organisation 5 years ago, the ECORIDE label has become a powerful tool for manifesting businesses' individual environmental commitments, motivating their staff, and enabling them to benefit from the recognition it brings.

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BIC Sport has been manufacturing watersport products for over 30 years. Long before ‘eco-friendly’ was a buzzword we began developing “clean” manufacturing processes by recycling wherever possible, eliminating gas emissions and conserving energy and water. From start to end of life-cycle, BIC Sport products are thoughtfully produced with preserving the environment we all share in mind. And perhaps least recognized but most important, BIC Sport products are BUILT TO LAST - meaning fewer boards and boats taking up residence in your local landfill.


Eco-Design and Environmental Awareness

Low Energy Consumption

Short production cycle
Short infra-red heating cycle
Low electricity consumption

No Pollution

Closed circuit cooling of the moulds
No gas emissions
No solvents.

Resource Conservation

Rejection rate (less 2,5 / 1000)
Surplus material systematically recycled back into the production process
A capacity per mould 5 times greater than standard techniques

100% Recyclable

The O’pen BIC, the kayaks and the dinghies are boats that can be entirely recycled at the end of their life-cycle.
They can be crushed and recycled for other usage.