BIC SUP Cross, the all-rounder board perfect for all the family

BIC SUP Cross, the all-rounder board perfect for all the family

A veritable UFO in the stand up paddle market, the BIC SUP Cross is a super-versatile “hybrid” board that is attracting more and more new riders. Ideal for family excursions, totally suitable for yoga/fitness, the perfect platform for fishing trips, it’s got a rich and varied range. Its unique shape and nose/bow design are striking as soon as you see it. It’s highly efficient, cutting easily through chop and holding its course. Aside from its superb glide, it also gives impressive stability for all shapes and sizes of rider, even complete beginners. The pancake-flat deck covered with anti-slip grip (on the Fit, Adventure and Fish versions) is also perfect for carrying a child or even an adult seated on the bow section. And it’s perfectly stable and comfortable for SUP yoga. Numerous attachment points on the deck mean you can safely store and carry personal bags, fitness or fishing equipment. There are 2 different construction techniques, ACE TEC or TOUGH TEC, and 3 sizes, 10, 11 and 12’, and it suits any size of rider and riding style. Here are three testimonials from three different users, singing the praises of a board that is truly not like any other.

Michel, family man/father
"We all love spending time on the water, my wife and our two children, most weekends and during the holidays. It’s an opportunity for some quality time together that we try to make the most of. This board is absolutely perfect for family outings. We bought 2 of them last year. They’re super-stable, even when the water’s roughing up, and doesn’t slap too hard into chop. I’m sure the bow/nose shape has a lot to do with that. We carry the kids sitting on the front section of the board. With its thick foam pad covering the whole deck they can ride in comfort for an hour or more. And it’s great to have all these attachment points and elasticated net on the deck, for carrying a few belongings (water bottle, sandals, sun cream…) and a waterproof bag for the picnic. Great family boards for summer paddling, about to start their second season, another summer of fun guaranteed !”



Lou, SUP-yoga woman
"My mother and I give SUP yoga classes here in Hawaii, and we use the 10’ Cross which surprises everyone with its fantastic stability, especially people who’ve never done any Stand Up Paddle at all. It’s definitely one of my personal favourites. The big pad that covers the deck is very comfortable and gives excellent grip under your feet. I do quite a lot of moves, like the “Pear Tree”, and I’m never worried about hurting myself if I fall on the board. I also really like it’s flat deck, it helps you feel the same sensations as you would on dry land on a traditional yoga mat. To get an idea of how magical it is for SUP yoga you could try lying flat on your back on the board, relax and listen to the sounds of nature all around. It’s a great and very pleasurable experience. !”



Bri, SUP angler
"I’ve been using the Cross 11’ Adventure for fishing for a few years now and I’m still always impressed at how it’s got everything I was looking for in a board. Its performance means I can get quickly and easily to the fishing spots. And its incredible stability is reassuring, indispensable for this activity. When I’m casting out, reeling in or trying to land a fish I need to concentrate and not worry about losing my balance. The totally flat deck is really great, you can stand up and fish for long periods. I really like all the attachment points for carrying all my equipment. It means I can spread the load front and rear so everything’s in easy reach : a big equipment box on the front and a cool box on the rear for any fish I catch. Plus there are lateral racks for carrying the different rods I like to take. This board is my constant companion on the water !”