The Techno Pro Wind Foil 130  has been conceived for enjoying freeride windsurfing AND foil boarding with one and the same board. With the foil fitted, it enables you to enjoy light wind riding (from 10 knots upwards). When the wind is stronger, with the foil removed and the Select fin fitted, it transforms into a super-fast and responsive freeride board. The board itself has been shaped by one of the best in the business currently, Jean Marie Guirec.

This new Techno model is available in two construction options : ACE TEC and C-TEC. The ACE TEC version, manufactured at our factory in Vannes, has the qualities you would expect from this thermoformed glass/carbon fibre composite technique : strength, light weight, and durability. It will be in the shops at the end of March 2019.

The C-TEC version is already available at our distribution base in Vannes and will be in your nearest shop any day now. Its glass/carbon fibre sandwich construction reduces weight and increases rigidity.

For the design and manufacture of the foil, we brought in the experts at Foil & Co, a French specialist foil maker who have developed this model specifically for the Techno Wind Foil 130.

Aims : early and easy lift-off, quickly up to high speed, and easy to control « in flight » .

For the construction, we’ve gone for an “aluminium-free” option to ensure maximum durability. The Techno 130 Foil is 100% carbon fibre. 

The Techno Wind Foil 130 and its custom-designed foil have already been approved for Youth Windsurf Foil competition by the French Sailing Federation. Given the excellent quality and price tag, it should be a major success on the burgeoning foil board circuit. 

 Check out the Techno 130 Wind Foil and discover the joy of noiseless light-wind riding above the water surface !